Horseshoe Crab Facts – What to Know about this Specie

Horseshoe crabs come with almost four species today. These are existing and are still being studied considering the fact that they continue to evolve each day. There was this one specie though, the so called Limulus Polyphemus, which was claimed to be situated in North America. This happened alongside Gulf coasts and even that of the Atlantic. This was then starting from Maine down to Mexico. Any sort of horseshoe crab facts would support that. There were still other three of these species which were in Southeast Asia. Do not get this wrong. The species are not crabs of course. However, they have a close relation to arachnids. These arachnids were known to be a group that would include the scorpions and spiders. They were close to the latter as compared to that of most crustaceans out there. The said group will mostly be about lobsters, true crabs and even that of shrimps.

The said horseshoe crabs were dubbed to be living fossils since they come from their very ancestors. This dated back almost 450 million years ago. Just imagine that. It only goes to show that they existed first than that of dinosaurs. This was some sort of a revelation – right?

For so long, the said species dominated and inhabited the planet. This is the main reason why there were sudden changes in their form. This occurred every year. This lead to their strange anatomy. They are one of the animals which were always being noted because of the aspects they go along with. But then, unfortunately, as for their spike-like, long tail, the crabs were given and these species were caused to have some sort of unfavorable reputation. This also took place. There were even individuals who viewed such to be dangerous animals. They were the main cause of fair at some point. This was the initial reaction only because they come along with their sharp tails. However, in reality, these crabs could not bring any harm to anyone. The tails they utilized is only meant for flipping and nothing else. There are just instances when they overturn themselves. This may occur too.

Aside from the mentioned, these horseshoe crabs became popular because they go with their large nesting aggregations. This refers to the groups they come along on most beaches. This was very much evident most especially in the middle of the Atlantic states including New Jersey, Maryland and even Delaware. The crabs have the ability to nest even for the whole year. This is true especially when they are seen in Florida. The peak here spawns to occur just in spring, and sometimes, fall.

Whenever they are mating, the male would move in parallel to that in the shoreline. This would occur on many sandy flats and then the females would intercept as they pass by. The male would then attach himself just on top of the shell of the female. This occurs because they have these specialized front claws. This occurs in this position known as the amplexus.